Individual Psychotherapy with an Exercise Component

This service may serve multiple functions, depending on the individual and their specific goals.  A traditional individual psychotherapeutic relationship is employed, however, exercise is also incorporated.  This represents a holistic, full mind-body approach.  As we work on emotional and psychological growth, we will also achieve a sense of physical empowerment.  There is no greater sense of inner strength than being able to support oneself -- both physically and emotionally.

For those who are more focused on entrenched weight/body-image issues, Dr. Exelbert can help individuals understand their psychological barriers concerning weight loss and/or meeting their fitness objectives.  As we work on building our fitness arsenal, we will simultaneously be exploring cycles of eating/exercise behavior, ways that food may be meeting emotional needs, and triggers that lead to self-sabotage. Concrete behavioral skills will be taught and employed, as well as an exploration of more deep-seated psychological processes.